Why the lack of time is not the real problem for (new) moms

When you’ve been busy all day and haven’t had 5 minutes to yourself the first thing you probably think is that you’re running out of time to work on your own dreams, goals and business.

And yes, I agree that you have less focus time as before you became a mom. But I’m sure the lack of time is not your problem.

  1. Having resistance that old ways no longer work
  2. Resisting you are no longer the same person
  3. Accept and embrace that you have a renewed vision of life
    All have to do with being able to deal with change. Being flexible, being resilient. Not having time has nothing to do with having or not having children.

When all your attention and energy is spent struggling with old ways that no longer work or you linger too long in who you used to be. Then it comes at the expense of all the new opportunities that are out there now. If you want to move forward again, you have to let go of the old to take benefit of the new.